Easily Translate Any Text on Symbian Touchscreen Smartphones in 36+ World Languages

Paragon Software Group releases feature-rich, premium content SlovoEd dictionary series 4.0, redesigned with a touch-specific dictionary interface allowing mobile users to translate words in 36+ world languages on S60 3.0 and 5.0 Symbian smartphones.Specially optimized for fingertip control, the dictionary interface now includes a touch-specific toolbar that allows easy browsing and interaction with word references displayed on the screen. The SlovoEd series 4.0 offers useful new features for both touchscreen and non-touchscreen devices, such as the ability to look up unknown words and entire word combinations, ‘Help Tips’ in pop-up windows, and over-the-air (OTA) forms to ask questions and send suggestions directly to the developer.

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* NEW! Pop-up ‘Help Tips’ to facilitate the use of SlovoEd dictionaries.

* NEW! OTA forms that allow every user to help improve the program with comments, bug reports and suggestions.

* Virtual Keyboard to enter words in any language.

* Cross-lookup feature between articles and directions.

* Search words in any grammatical form (for English, French, Russian and Spanish languages).

* Audio pronunciations prerecorded by English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and French native speakers

* Possibility to translate not only words but entire words combinations.

* Add unfamiliar words to flash cards and test your knowledge as many times as needed with the ‘Flash Card Quiz.’

* Find words not knowing their exact spelling using wildcards (“*”, “?”, etc.).

* List of irregular verbs for English and German dictionaries.

* Supported languages:  English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

* Compatibility:  Symbian S60 3rd and 5th Edition smartphones.

The SlovoEd series 4.0 – from monolingual reference encyclopedias to bilingual dictionaries available for 36 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic – offers a host of features and learning tools along with audio pronunciations for the most difficult words, which fits every learner’s level and learning style. SlovoEd dictionaries 4.0 employ the best original linguistic content developed through centuries of extensive research by the world’s leading publishers such as Merriam-Webster, Inc., Duden, PONS GmbH, Larousse Editorial, and others. SlovoEd series 4.0 now includes new titles and languages, such as the English Talking SlovoEd Deluxe English-Hungarian dictionary from Akadémiai Kiadó, the Talking SlovoEd Deluxe English-Italian dictionary from Oxford Paravia, and the German Talking SlovoEd Deluxe German-Greek dictionary from PONS GmbH.

Availability: SlovoEd 4.0 dictionary series are available for download from http://www.penreader.com and http://www.epocware.com.

SlovoEd Deluxe is available for 59,95 USD (42,95 EUR, VAT included);

SlovoEd Classic for 39,95 USD (27,95 EUR, VAT included);

SlovoEd Compact for 19,95 USD (13,95 EUR, VAT included).

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