Handy Safe Pro 2.0 for Android Smartphones and Nokia Symbian Devices

Paragon Software Group – a leading software developer for mobile devices and desktop computers, and creator of the broad "Handy" line of functionality tools for leading-edge smartphones – adds Android to its lineup of platforms that supports the highly regarded line of Handy Safe data-management applications. In addition to versions available for Windows Mobile and Java devices, the Symbian version – one of the earliest and best-selling versions of Handy Safe available – has been newly redesigned with fresh graphics and powerful customization options.

"Paragon was first in the mobile market to develop such an effective and useful app for Symbian devices, and we’re utilizing our years of experience to extend our Handy Safe line to the fast-growing Android market," says Alex Zudin, CEO of Paragon Software Group.

Handy Safe Pro 2.0 pairs a new level of usability in data management applications with unbeatable security functionality. Keeping your mind free of countless numbers and letters, all important information can be kept in one place – safe, easy to access and always with you. Store passwords, credit card details, user names, codes, PINs, web pages, addresses, travel info, insurance policies, software keys and much more on your mobile device. Customized graphical cards represent all your confidential information in an easy-to-use interface, and 448-bit Blowfish encryption for Symbian (128-bit for Android-based) phones guarantees absolute security.

Included with Handy Safe Pro 2.0 for your smartphone is Handy Safe Desktop Professional 2.0, the desktop PC component that easily stores, edits, shares and syncs your private information with your mobile device.

"What makes our product for Symbian users unique is its uncompromised data security features for both the mobile device and the desktop PC in one connecting software solution for one low price," says Alex Zudin, CEO. "Overall, the price for the Handy Safe Pro Suite is significantly lower than what consumers would pay for two separate applications."

Handy Safe Pro was recently named one of the top-ten Symbian apps by UK-based online publication Smartphone Daily (http://www.smartphonedaily.co.uk/reviews/top-ten-symbian-apps/). Touted as "bullet-proof," the publication notes that Handy Safe Pro is able to keep all encrypted information in perfect sync on all your desktop computers and Symbian phones with one purchased software license. "If you value your privacy and identity," the article states, "get this."

Handy Safe Pro features:

  • New! New graphical card representation.
  • New! Set of 65+ preinstalled graphical templates and icons.
  • New! Card customization.
  • Sync with desktop client to ensure database integrity.
  • Strong 448-bit (128-bit for Android) Blowfish data encryption guarantees absolute safety of your confidential information – there is currently no effective known method of breaking this code.
  • 35 unique information forms to store passwords, credit card details, codes, accounts (banking, email, Internet, shopping), web pages, addresses, travel info, insurance policies, software keys and much more.
  • Custom templates to store specific information according to your needs.
  • Hyperlinked URLs.
  • Subfolder support.
  • Autolock when Handy Safe Pro is in background or not used for a certain period of time.

Handy Safe Desktop Professional 2.0 features:

  • Easy access to your private information on a PC.
  • New! New graphical card representation with set of 65+ preinstalled templates and icons.
  • New! Windows Vista and Windows 7 support.
  • New! Sync with Android devices (Handy Safe Pro for Android required).
  • New! Improved sync mechanism.
  • 448-bit Blowfish data encryption technology.
  • Quick search within your entire database.
  • Fast navigation to necessary web pages with open URL function.
  • Create encrypted backups to restore your private data in case of any hardware or software problems.
  • Share your information via email.
  • User defined database location.
  • Show\hide password function.
  • Import database from SpashID, eWallet, FlexWallet, CodeWallet Pro.

Availability: Handy Safe Pro for Symbian is available for 29,95 EUR (34,95 USD). Handy Safe Pro for Android is available for 9,95 USD via download from the Android Market. Handy Safe Desktop Professional is available for 24,95 USD (17,95 EUR) via download from http://penreader.com

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