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Select reference titles from PONS, Merriam-Webster and Encyclopedia Britannica are now half off the regular price!

Published on May 25, 2011 By paragonmobility

Encyclopedia Britannica and Merriam-Webster for BlackBerry 50% off through Sunday, May 29! Britannica Concise is a succinct version of the world’s most trusted encyclopedias with accompanying images and maps, fast article search and look up functions, Today in History feature, minimal memory space, and much more – directly on your BlackBerry device. Three versions are […]

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionaries Offer New Learning Experience to First-Gen iPad Users

Published on June 1, 2010 By paragonmobility

Paragon Software Group brings new ways of learning directly to the Apple language enthusiast by launching America’s most popular Merriam-Webster’s dictionaries for the iPhone, now with iPad support.

Alex Zudin talks to Inside Mac Radio

Published on May 24, 2010 By paragonmobility

Inside Mac Radio 4/25/2009

100 Apps for Tech-Savvy Teachers

Published on May 23, 2010 By paragonmobility

Webster’s Third International New Dictionary by Paragon Software made the list of 50 necessary iPhone apps! 100 Apps for Tech-Savvy Teachers