MacLife gives OALD 9/9 stars!

Paragon Software Group and Oxford University Press, one of the most renowned dictionary publishers worldwide, have teamed up to produce The Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary (OALD) application for iOS. We are pleased to announce that the editors of MacLife Germany have rated the app nine out of nine possible stars, giving it the Editor’s Choice award!

MacLife praises the intuitive design, adjustable screen sizes, and its presentation on both iPhone and iPad devices, along with its ease of cross-reading and dictionary browsing. MacLife’s conclusion: “Perfect and very extensive. The app entices you to browse. Educational Goal!” OALD is currently the best app available on the market for English learners.

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary App for iPhone ®, iPod ® and iPod ® touch is priced at 19,99 GBP (22,99 EUR, 28,99 USD) in the AppStore:

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